Friday, May 11, 2007

penis enlargement

It is quite natural to see preoccupation of many a men to have bigger penis as many a women to have larger breasts etc. Bigger is better is kinda quote of the day in bars etc. Lot of women have known to prefer men who are well endowed. Average penis size when errected is about 5 1/2 to 6" but this doesn't stop men from wanting to go for even bigger errection. There are many touted methods of natural penis enlargement.
Considering the demand, it is not suprizing to see the hype over penis enlargement. So, what works and what doesn't ?. Is the the concept of penisenlargement only a hype or it is really possible, Here is a good article resource that goes more into what is feasible for penis enlargement. Here is another resource for a supposedly natural way for penis enlargement
All these remedies may cost an arm and a leg. There is so many penis enlargement remedies out there such as male edge , male extra and performer 5 which provide you so called evidence and research, it will be however unwise to jump into anything without getting eduacted about it and without your physicians advice. Read more on penis enlargement here penis enlargement pills